Friday, 24 August 2012

Right from the trashbin... trekking poles.

Do you remember my diy trekking poles?
Now I have a new pair, and almost for free too.
It happened three days ago, I was fast-walking as here it's still too hot for the usual other cardio workouts and I've seen these ski poles at the side of a trashbin:

I took them immediately.
At home, I noticed that they are in good conditions just the lower end has some signs of abuse
So I went to the hardware store to buy the rubber tips, as I did with my DIY trekking poles, but unfortunately the diameter of these ski poles is too small, so I had to make some waxed tape work to add thickness...

And finally the tips fit perfecty.

It's always good to find free stuff that can be used to exercise.
Now, these ski poles have been used a lot by their previous owner, but actually I think that it's possible to go freegan with workout equipment. I mean, I am still sure that the best place to find training gear is the hardware store, but people still think that they need to buy expensive tools to stay fit. They buy those things, then they don't use them because they're lazy and they don't see the immediate result that was marketed. When they need room for something else, they throw away the almost new sports tools. It's quite common to see benches and similar stuff near the trashbin round here. I think that with time, dedication and a little DIY spirit it's possible to build a little gym right from the trashbin.

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