Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Do you run on a treadmill?

Originally I wanted to use another title for this post, something like "If you like trail-running then you should watch this!", then I realized that trail runners already know the reasons why trail running can be an experience that transcend the pure workout becoming something else, something more.
It is people that run on treadmills that need to discover the beauty of running in the wild, so the correct text to introduce this video is "If you think that running on a treadmill is ok, then you should watch this!"
Anyway, here's the video:
The name, "The beauty of the Irrational" says a lot about the spirit that moves many outdoors sportsmen.
Ryan Sandes, the South African ultrarunner that you see in the video, made an excellent performance, for more details and to watch it bigger click here.
And if you ask me, running on a treadmill is way better than no running at all, but running in the wild is completely another story.

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