Saturday, 21 July 2012

Alex Zanardi, the unstoppable!

Sometimes you see someone and you have the perception that he's just unstoppable.
If you know Alex Zanardi, then you know that the perception is absolutely right. He's unstoppable.
He was one of the best F1 racers in the world till 2001 when in a the tremendous crash he lost both legs.
But he just didn't stop doing things he loves to do. In 2003 he was back racing with prostethic legs, and with great results:

Nowadays he's racing on handbike and he's strong exaclty as he was on cars. He's currently training for London paralympics:

Go Alex!
Alex Zanardi has a huge website where he shares his views and and his experiences, have a look.
We all should consider Alex Zanardi as an example when we feel like stop training because of a small pain somewhere.
As long as we can, let's move.

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