Friday, 20 July 2012


I didn't know what is a snapperfest, then I discovered it's an event that takes place in Ohio County, Indiana, where snapping turtles are abused during a sort of competition.
The description of the event taken from Our Compass:
Every year at the Campshore Campground, wild-caught snapping turtles endure terrible violence at the hands of participants. The frightened animals are grabbed by their tails and repeatedly slammed to the ground. Their heads are yanked from their shells, and they are then swung around until “contestants” are able to wrap their fists around the animals’ necks.
And a video:

I mean, how can people be so cruel? What's the point of all this thing? The man in the video seems so proud of what he's doing... how about trying to do the same with someone that can actually react? Wanna try with me?
The next snapperfest will take place in August.
At this page you'll find the links to two petitions to stop the snapperfest, a sample letter and a list of email addresses.
We all can do something to stop this cruelty!

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