Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rovaniemi 150.

It's funny how during long winters I tend to watch summer-ish videos, and now that the weather start getting hot, I prefer snowish videos. Anyway, take a look at this video:

It's the Rovaniemi 150, a winter race that takes place in Finland every February. It's open to cyclists and to long distance runners who love adventure. As the name suggests, the race is 150km long, but there is also a shorter version, Pieni Rovaniemi which is 80km long. From the website, we know that this race is not considered very hard in the world of winter races, as it can be considered an initiation to winter races. Obviously this does not mean that proper training isn't needed. As in every extreme weather conditions, proper equipment is also needed. Have you seen those bikes in the video? Fat bikes is their name and they're build for snow-cycling, but I think they may be good also on sand or gravel.
The website of the Rovaniemi 150 race is very informative, you can find the results of the last editions and details on the tracks, check it for further informations.
If you're interested in the race, registration for the 2013 edition opens on October 1st.

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