Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pedaling in a ghost town.

As previously stated, I am doing my best to boycott Euro 2012, because of all the animal abuses that have been done in Ukraine during the last months.
I don't watch the matches on TV.
This means that while other people are at home or in the local pubs watching the matches, I am one of the few people around in an apparently deserted city. And it's quite nice.
My Bianchi Cougar in an almost deserted city.
Today I had a long bike ride in the center of the city, choosing the bigger lanes that I usually avoid due to the excessive quantity of cars and the subsequential smell.
From time to time I heared people shouting in the pubs, and it made me smile. I was feeling so much better being around pedaling errantly, and not being closed at home or in the pubs drinking beer.
I really think that from now on this will be my way to spend the days of big sports events... during the next Olympic games too.
I love sports on TV, but I prefer to feel like the last man on Earth for a few hours.

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