Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Footbike: after three months of kicking.

It's something more than 3 months that I use almost daily my footbike trail, both for commuting and as a cardio workout.
Let me just say that it's great. It's even better than expected.
My Footbike Trail.
Comparing my first review with my current feelings on footbiking I notice that I had the wrong approach. I mean, I thought that going uphill was one of the hardest thing man can do. Actually it's not, and not only because you get used to the movement and you build muscles. I was totally wrong, because I was trying to go uphill at the same speed that I would go pedalling, and it's just impossible. I was kicking like a madman, changing foot every 2-3 steps finding myself with no breath in few minutes.
Kicking uphill can be done, and it's easy too. You just need to understand that it's not a mountain bike, it's something totally different. Ok, it's obvious at the first sight, but believe me, after years of mountain biking you get used to the speed/fatigue ratio and you tend to apply it to footbiking too, but it's totally misleading. It's slower, you will be slower and you will enjoy every single moment of it.
Nowadays I kick uphill at slow pace, looking at the birds and appreciating the excellent workout that I'm having.
Once again, footbiking is a lot of fun and everyone can do it. It's even safer that running, because it will not destroy your knees even if you're wearing cheap trainers.
Just kick it!

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