Saturday, 19 June 2010

Vuvuzellas effekt?

Strange things happen at the Fifa World Cup. All the big ones seem to be worse than expected, for a range between "good football, but too confused players" (Germany Vs Serbia) and "slow and dormant" (England Vs Algeria). France was totally out of scale. On Brazil, I've already written on this post. The only big one to confirm its fame, at the moment, is Argentina.
Good football has been seen in the matches of Netherlands (maybe at the moment the best Euro team, together with Germany), South Korea and Uruguay.

Anyway, most players seem to be demotivated and disoriented.
Perhaps it's a side effect of the Vuvuzellas, those terrific trumpets?
Out of curiosity, I've read that the Vuvuzellas are a tamed version of a louder trumpet, the Kuduzella, the plastic version of a traditional African instrument. The Kuduzella was considered too loud for the stadium, so the Vuvuzella became popular!

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