Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Italy and Brazil, ok but not that great.

As I wrote, I was very curious to see the first match of the Italian team. Paraguay is a good team, but it's not supposed to be as good as Italy. Both played a good match, and 1-1 was just fine. Obviously this is a very good performance for Paraguay, but Italy should do better, as at the moment they are still the world champions. They played fine, but not great. Probably it's the same for (almost) all the big teams, they tend to start slow.
Now, Brazil. Well, it just was not Brazil. Better, it was not what Brazil football is expected to be. Maybe it was too cold for Brazilian players, maybe they underestimate North Korea's defense, but it was very hard for them to pass the defense line. The first goal was a masterpiece, but in my humble opinion, North Korea deserved more. They did great, very fast football and fair play. I hope that they pass to the next phase.
Actually, both Koreas play very well, maybe at the moment they're the best surprise of this Fifa World cup.

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