Thursday, 17 June 2010

The simplest workout!

There are many ways to have a good cardio workout at home, this is probably the simplest (and effective). Maybe bodysquash would be the correct name for it, but it's something that, spontaneously, all children do.

All you need is a foam ball!

It can be tennis-size or bigger, as you prefer.
Now, stand in front of a wall. You can be at home, outside in the backyard, or wherever you want. Imagine that both your hands are tennis rackets, and start hitting the ball making it bounce against the wall. Try alterning hands. You can let the ball bounce on the floor and then hit it, or try to avoid at all the bounce-on-the-floor. To make things more intense, you can hit the ball with your forehead, feet, knees! Obviously you will not be able to keep the ball in the air for much time, it will fall and roll on the floor, and you will be obliged to run after it and then to start again.
This simple workout will make you move almost all your body. It can be as intense as you want it to be, all depends on how fast you are. Try it for 45-50 minutes.
We don't need gym and machines to keep in good shape and stay healthy!

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