Monday, 14 June 2010

Bike oddities (part 1)

One thing that I really like of the bike world is the multiple chances to elaborate the bike concept without altering its basic mechanics.
Youtube is a great tool to see bike oddities, prototypes, trials and errors of manufacturers and bike freaks. Some models are really good, others are not very usable in the real world. All of them are interesting.
In this post (and in others, as this is a "part 1"), I'll try to collect some links to the most original, entertaining and cool oddities in the bike world. Where the models presented are in production and available, I'll add a link to the manufacturer.
Let's start with some variations of the recumbent concept. My opinions on the models may be totally incorrect as I've never had the chance to ride a recumbent (I know, shame on me).

This is one of my favourite, the KMX kart:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
The karts are in regular production, for more info, visit KMX Karts. It's great isn't it? I really hope to have the ooportunity to try it, and then maybe to purchase one too.

And now, the H-Zontal, a prone recumbent:
The aerodynamics should be great for sure, I don't know how good it can be the position for the back.
For more info, visit

And to finish the post, the CruzBike Conversion Kit, a kit to transform a regular bike into a recumbent. In this video you can see the result. A good way to have a recumbent and save some money. For further informations, have a look at

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