Thursday, 3 June 2010

BMX Bikes: from the mud to the halfpipe.

Well, time for a nostalgic post :-)
Do you remember this movie?

It's "BMX Bandits", an Australian movie form 1983. Nicole Kidman's first time on screen.
I remember being a BMX enthusiast when I was a child, BMX bikes were for fun, transportation and for the offroad races! In the late eighties mountain bikes took over and BMX bikes started to be confined in skate parks. Nowadays it's all about ramps, halfpipes and tricks. It may be cool, but to me it's increbibly boring.Don't know if someone still uses BMX bikes for offroad, but well I do. I still have one, and still love it.

Probably I might be consider a bit too old for that, but I couldn't care less. I use it both as a commuter (it's great in the narrow roads of the centre of my city) and for rides in the woods! A big plus, it fits perfectly in the boot of my car, so if needed, I can move by car till the center of the town and then jump on the bike!

It has a reinforced aluminium frame. As you can see, I'm a noseless-saddle freak, I'll write another post on that :-)

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