Thursday, 31 January 2013

Seasonal illnesses and training while feeling sick.

Last winter I didn't experienced any seasonal illnesses, this year I've had a moderate flu from which I am recovering quite quickly.
Usually when I feel sick I just stay inside and rest, not working out at all.
Don't know why but this time I disobeyed this rule. The day before I got the actual symptoms of the flu, I was already experiencing that nasty feeling between nose and throat but I did a light workout (just some cardio punching the double end bag). Maybe I wanted to verify that old adagio, "if the symptom is above your neck you can train, if it's under your neck you have to rest".
Well, my symptom were above the neck but when I finished punching the double end ball I started to feel really sick. The usual post-workout ease was substitued by a very uncomfortable feeling. Still I had no fever but I fell like I had.
The following night was a total nightmare of insomnia and hard breathing, and the day after I had the real flu.
Well, I suppose that the flu would arrive also if I didn't train that day, but maybe all those pre-fever symptoms would not be so bad.
Note taken: that above the neck - under the neck adagio is pure bs.
If you feel sick, just rest.

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