Saturday, 26 January 2013

Goran Bregovich and the Nordic World Ski Championships.

In less than a month we are going to have the Nordic World Ski Championships, I am really excited about it as it's only one hour from where I live so I will have the chance of feeling the vibe of the competition.
The organization of the NWS Championships decided to pay 84.000 euros (yes, you are reading it correctly, 84.000 euros) to the Balkanic musician Goran Bregovic to compose the official song of the event.
Well, first of all I can't understand why choosing balkanic etnomusic for an event that is based on the Alps between Italy and Austria. There are a lot of composers and musicians in the area that would have been very happy to compose the official song for the NWS Championships.
Ok, let's skip on this. Maybe having a "big name" like Goran Bregovich may be a good choice. But the big problem now is that it seems that the official song of the event sounds a bit too similar to a previous composition of Goran Bregovic composed in 1984 with his former band, Bijelo Dugme.
Is Goran Bregovic self-plagiarizing?
Is he just reusing some patterns rearranging the whole song?
Let's make a comparison.
This is the official NWSC song:

And this is "Haidemo u Planine" by Bijelo Dugme (1984):

What do you think?

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