Thursday, 27 December 2012

Youtube's most viewed videos of 2012.

I heard on the radio today that Gangnam Style is the most viewed videos of 2012.
So I got curious and checked the list of the most viewd videos of this year and I found the top ten.
The big part of the list is music videos and a parody of the Barack Obama - Mitt Romney debates.
Nothing strange in all this list.
The strange part in my opinion is that in the top ten there aren't videos on sports event.
Well, there is one that can barely considered a sport video... Felix Baumgartner's crazy freefall:
I am really surprised that other sports videos did not make it to the top ten. I mean, it has been a good year for sports with the football Eurocup, London Olympic Games and then the Paralympics. Lots of video exposure for sports with lots of emotionally intense moments.
It's strange to me that people are not more interested in this kind of big events.
Ok, I'll live with that :-)

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