Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Walking with ankle weights.

This is another post dedicated to lazy people.
One of the most common excuses that lazy people use to avoid every form of workout is that they have no time for it.
If they have no time, then I suppose that they work a lot, and that in a way or another they have to move from home to work and back.
Obviously walking or using a bicycle to commute are the most reasonable advice to add a mild cardio session to a daily routine.
Another great way to exercise your body without altering the daily routine is to use ankle weights:

Just the simple action of walking will give you a great benefit using ankle weights, providing an excellent cario workout when walking uphill, and a good training to the leg muscles when going downhill. Stairs will give you a great drill too.
They come in various shapes and wieght so you can choose the ones you feel more comfortable.
In my experience, 1kg or 2kgs per leg will be a good start.
A 2kgs ankle weight,

There are also high-end models that allow to add weight progressively, but just using daily the basic models will help you a lot to increase your level of fitness. As long as you improve, you can add intensity or speed to your walking sessions.
Just keep them on your ankles all the time you are wearing your shoes and do your daily things.

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