Monday, 10 December 2012

Snow & Ice.

The last weekend was the first ine with a real wintry weather, with a lot of snow and strong cold winds.
This morning the weather looked a bit more bland, with a pale sun and less wind, the snow melted but then the water froze.
This is how the street looked when I got out from work for lunchtime:
No need to say how slippery it was.
I really love winter time and I enjoy the snow: I like also to go out with the snow for some training, but I really hate it when it comes to ice, and it's a quite common condition here where I live due to the strong winds.
It always makes me smile the odd perception that people from abroad have of the Italian climate.
The cliche wants Italy to be all sunny and warm. That may be true for the southern part of Italy where there is a classic mediterranean climate, but the northern part has all the peculiarities of the continental Europe weather. Winters here are long and cold, some areas are very foggy and dank, others are windy with a lot of snow.

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