Thursday, 29 November 2012

Gloryfy - unbreakable sunglasses.

I've always used a lot my sunglasses, I tend to have only a pair of sporty-type sunglasses and I use them almost every time that I am outdoor and that it's not dark. I use them for walking, cycling, running, powerkiting etc.
Obviously this means also that I break a lot of pairs, so I tend to buy cheap ones (you know, those all-plastic ones that you find at the grocerie store near the cashier).
Few days ago my wife made me a gift: a pair of unbreakable sunglasses. And when I say unbreakable, I mean it for real. They are called Gloryfy and they are made in Austria.
Have a look at these crash tests:

This one is even more incredible:

And this is my pair:
Gloryfy G2 and Footbike Trail
Finally a pair of sunglasses that I'm not afraid to break!

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