Monday, 26 November 2012

Anakin the two legged cat!

Do you remember my rant about motivational videos of the last month?
Ok, I've found a video that is not supposed to be motivational but that I really think that may serve the same purpose way better than the usual bombastic quotes.
Plus, it's lovely to watch.
Here it is:
From the Anakin's information page I've discovered that this little kitten is called Anakin and that he has a very rare handicap, he was born without pelvis and back legs. As you may see in the video, this condition isn't stopping him at all: he built muscles and trained his body to the point that he can move on two legs with perfect balance.
Amazing, isn't he?
Anakin has a youtube channel that seems to be updated quite often, it's very nice to see him growing happy playing and exploring the environment like kittens do.
Anakin has a blog too, you can find it here.
We have so much to learn from animals!

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