Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Vegan Thanksgiving.

Turkeys deserve to live.
Yesterday I heard from the radio that every year in the U.S. of America 40 millions of Turkeys are killed in few days just for the traditional Thanksgiving meal.
I don't know how you may feel about this, but to me 40 millions of dead birds means a massacre.
Mind, I'm not here to criticize other countries' traditions, I just want to offer alternatives to who's interested.
I know that U.S. have on of the biggest percentage of Vegetarians and Vegans in the world, so I suppose that many people may be interested in recipes and solutions for a Vegan, yet traditional, Thanksgiving meal.
As often in these cases, the Internet offers a lot of information on the matter.
For a good start, you can check this page from VeggieBoards: you'll find a lot of recipes for your traditional Thanksgiving dinner, including the Vegan alternatives to the turkey.
If you want something that looks and tastes even more closer to a traditional "meaty" turkey, then click here for a Vegeusa page introducing the Vegan Whole Turkey: it's made with soybean fiber and the skin is tofu.
For detailed reviews on the Vegan alternatives to traditional Turkey, I've found this Washington Post article comparing the products.
Do you prefer to do it yourself and to prepare an homemade Vegan Turkey?
Then this video of Chef Brian P. McCarthy is for you:
Once again, I really hope that no one gets offended by this post.
I don't want to criticize other Countries' traditions, I just want to offer people some alternatives to save animals.

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