Saturday, 27 October 2012

Women and pullups.

Do you remember the post of few days ago where I wrote about my wife doing pull-ups and that she said that the major problem was in the hands?
Today I had a look at and I found a post about women doing pull-ups.
The post is an answer, with lots of videos too, to an article of the New York Times stating that women can't do pullups.
Well, the videos posted in demonstrate very well that everyone can do pullups (men and women) if properly trained.
The author of article from the New York Times gives some explanations regarding muscle groups, levers, lenghts of the limbs and body fat percentage.
Ok, obvioulsy "we are a combination of levers" as the article says, but oddly the author did not consider hands strenght.
I mean, it's ok to train the arms and back muscles to do pullups, but I doubt that the result would be good if grip is weak.
You cannot pull a car with a cotton yarn, right?

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