Saturday, 20 October 2012

The new On-One Fatty in pre-order.

I really like the concept behind Fat Bikes as I consider them the most natural and practical evolution of mountain bikes (check this post for more babble on the matter) and even if at the moment I am not considering buying one, I follow with interest the news from the world of Fat Bikes.
So I am very happy to see that there is a new model in pre-order, the On-One Fatty.

It will be available for shipping in December in limited quantities, so if you're interested consider preordering.
Have a look at this fatwheelied beauty in this video:

The good news is the price: 1.300 euros for a Fat Bike is a good price, as usually they're more expensive.
I think that if Fat Bikes will become more popular (and I suppose they will) prices will go down, and having low-priced models is always a good thing.
For specs and further details click here.

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