Sunday, 16 September 2012

Crocs summer diary part 3.

Here we are, third part of the Crocs diary.
Another pair of the offbrand Crocs that I use for walking during summer is gone.

This time there is no picture of the next pair ready to hit the road because summer's almost over, the weather here is not that warm anymore (yes, I know that from abroad all Italy is sunny and warm but that's not true, northern Italy is cold and windy or cold and foggy) so it's time to go back to the regular sneakers for walking.
This pair lasted way more than the last one, 43 days for about 140 kilometers. I walked a lot less than in August, that's because I walk a lot when it's too hot for regular workouts, in the last weeks the weather hasn't been too hot so I went back to running, footbiking, tire-flipping and the good old things.
During this summer of 2012 I worn out three pairs of offbrand Crocs. It will be cool to know the exact number of kilometers I did with them. With the latest two pairs that I worn out I walked 250 kilometers.
I love Summer but I appreciate the first Autumn chills too, it gives more energy and you can train again like a madman.

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