Friday, 10 August 2012

Clip and sip.

Few days ago I was at the gas station and this little thing got my attention:
What you see is the most brilliant solution you can adopt to carry a water bottle when walking or hiking. It's called Clip'n'Sip.
The steel part on the right fits most water bottles that you find at your local grocery store, the carabiner can conveniently be clipped to a bag or to a belt loop.
It comes also with a long strap that can be used as a shoulder belt. This solution is more comfortable if you're carrying a 1liter or more bottle that would be too heavy for clipping it to your belt as it would bump into your leg at every step.
I've used it daily since the day I bought it both with the shoulder strap and clipped on belt loops and it works great. And guess what? I paid it just 2.90 euros!
It's really great when you find something so little and inexpensive but still so useful.

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