Saturday, 11 August 2012

BMX races at London 2012.

First time I heard about BMX at the Olympic Games I thought it would become the usual boredom with halfpipes and the-best-trick-of-the-night. It was Beijing 2008, the first time that BMX became an olympic sport. It was a nice surprise that there were actual races and not skatepark yawns!
And this year in London it has been great too to see actual BMX races.

Oldschool BMX was all about racing, then it has been misrepresented for years becoming all about tricks and baseball hats. Maybe the Olympic games will bring back the true spirit of BMX to the new generations too. It's so easy: buy a BMX bike, learn to ride it offroad making jumps as if it was motocross bike, do it as fast as you can trying not to hurt yourself too badly.
Anyways, I really enjoyed the races. Too bad it's already over.
Today's time for the Mountain Bike races :-)

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