Friday, 27 July 2012

Watch the Olympic Games online (and for free)

Ok, all the sports enthusiasts are getting ready for London 2012 Olympic Games, and so am I.
In this post I want to provide a few resources that I found online to watch the Olympic Games and keep updated with the results of your fav athlete also when you're not at home in front of your tv.
There are a whole lot of websites offering live streams of the events for free.
First of all, the two Youtube channels:
The Official Olympic Channel will cover almost every aspect of the Olympic Games.
If it's not enough for you, then on Youtube you can find also the Canadian CTVOlympics that seems to offer a complete coverage of all the events.
If you prefer a TV-like approach or if you use a device that does not support Youtube, then you should have a look at this page and select your country: you'll find a complete list of the online resources to watch the Olympic games. 
Have fun!

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