Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A very cheap ab wheel.

It's very rare that I buy fitness equipment, I prefer to go DIY or just follow the bodyweight route.
There are some exceptions, usually when there is a particular piece of equipment that it's not easy to make and that I think I can use a lot, or if I find something particularly inexpensive.
An inexpensive but well built ab wheel.
Today I was at the supemarket for some soy milk and I noticed an ab wheel sold for just 7.50 euros.
I know that a dumbbell can be used as an excellent ab wheel too, but I don't own regular weights.
I decided to buy the ab wheel.
I expected a cheap plastic thing that would broke after the first roll, but actually this ab wheel seems very sturdy. It's nice from time to time to buy a piece of kit, especially if you feel that you can use it a lot.
At the moment, after some rolling, I can say that I'm happy with this ab wheel. For 7.50 euros it couldn't be any better.

If you are not familiar with the use of an ab wheel, this video will show the correct way to use it:

I am also experimenting some creative exercise with the ab wheel, combining it with my quadrupedal workouts. Will write later about that.

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