Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Save Lennox Petition.

Is it possible that a living creature is condemned to death because of his/her looks? And is it possible that the  executioner is no less than the Belfast City Council?
In an ideal world the answer should be "No, it's impossible". But we live in a world that is everything but ideal, so that's what is going on.
Lennox is a American Stafforshire crossbreed, a very quiet and nice dog. He has been taken away from his home and his family by the Belfast City Council just because he looks like a pitbull.
Now I call this racism.
Here's an extract from the Lennox family:
"Lennox is a loveable 5 year old family member. He's an American Bull dog cross that we have owned since he was a little pup. On Wednesday the 19th May 2010 he was taken from our family home by Belfast City Council as they believe he falls under the dangerous dogs act for Northern Ireland. The Council, without seeking any proper professional guidance declared Lennox to be a breed of "Pitbull Type" and so they wish to kill him simply because he has the appearance of said breed. Lennox has never attacked anyone or anything yet the council have removed him from his home where he lives with my wife, myself, our 12 year old Daughter and his soul mate Juicy, a 2 year old female boxer. Belfast City Council are pressuring our family to sign him over to them to be destroyed however we feel the need to fight his case, he cannot speak but we will be his voice! If this was a human we would declare this racism. We ask every kind hearted person for your support, don't let them murder him."
From the newspaper it seems that Lennox is going to be killed on July 9th, tomorrow.
Click here to sign the petition to save Lennox.

Shame on Belfast City Council and its racist behaviour.

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