Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Rockrider 5.29: finally a 29" for cyclists on a budget!

It was about time!
I really like the asesthetics of the 29" mountain bikes, and I also think that they are safer offroad. Plus, being a tall guy, I have always considered that a 29" is something that I'd like to ride.
The bad side of 29" has always been the price and I really don't know why, as I doubt that bigger wheels can  be so expensive to justify 1000 and plus euros for a bike (and I mean a regular mtb bike, with no exceptional equipment).
Well, the time of ultrapricey 29" is over, as there is a new model of rockrider called 5.29 that is sold for 300 euros. Now this is the way to go!
A big plus is that Rockrider-Btwin bikes are distributed by Decathlon, this means that the overall quality is good, especially for the money.
Rockrider 5.29
And the 5.29 looks great too!

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