Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Oxelo scooters.

Again on topic of urban mobility, I am considering one of those little foldable scooters made in aluminium.
They are quite pricey (at least the well-built ones), the most convenient seem to be the Oxelo urban scooters.
Obviously there are cheaper models, but I don't want to risk to move on something that can break easily.
Oxelo is a brand distributed by Decathlon, this means that it passed some quality tests as Decathlon always tests the products they distribute.
Basically there are two models of the biggest scooters, Town7 and Town5. Town7 model has a suspension system on both weels, Town5 has a rigid frame.
Looking at this video, they seem to work nice, maybe they would be a good choice for my city communting:

I'd like to understand if there is a way to change weels and use inflatable ones, as it would offer a better grip.
There are scooters with inflatable weels but they are way more pricey.
The quest for the perfect urban mobility tool continues.

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