Thursday, 26 January 2012

Zegama-Aitzgorri Marathon

A must-watch for everyone into trail running...
The Zegama-Aitzgorri Marathon which takes place in the Basque Country is famous to be one of the hardest mountain marathons and also one with the most beatiful landscape, as it takes places almost entirely in a national park.
Some views of the Zegama-Aitzgorri:
Part one:

Part two:

In the part one of this video you can see that when running uphill becomes very steepy, people running and people walking proceed at the same speed. I noticed that myself very often, when going grumpy uphill running becomes unconvenient and it's better to walk. Obvioulsy this applies to endurance events, if you run uphill for cardio training, than go for it, as uphill sprinting is excellent!

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