Friday, 24 February 2012

Footbike trail: first time in the wild.

Finally yesterday I had my first serious ride on my new footbike, the weather wasn't very good but at least it wasn't raining.
Footbikes are a totally new planet for me, as I only rode one before, rented in Holland some years ago.
My first thoughts: it's a lot of fun and excellent cardio.
Ok, let me explain from the most joyful thing to the hardest one: going downhill is a lot of fun, really. Even better than on a regular bike because of the kicking thing that gives a different balance to the ride. Funny how I always stopped it like a bike, I mean, using brakes. A footbike can be stopped just jumping down and keeping firmly the handlebar.
Going on flat terrain: very good and funny. A moderate cardio workout, with an intensity similar to jogging, but softer on the knees.
Going uphill: freaking hard! Still fun but in no time I find myself gasping. It's way harder than running uphill.
Two more observations: I thought that changing foot on the board was a hard thing to learn, but actually it's not. Changing foot is more frequent when going uphill, but it's exaclty going uphill that it becomes natural after the first kilometers.
Then, never undestimate the importance of shoes. I was wearing an old pair of training shoes with a slighty outwore bottom, and when going lightly uphill on gravel, it became even harder, due to the lack of grip.
Well, this has been just my first ride on the footbike and it has been a lot of fun. I suppose it will become a real addiction!

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