Monday, 27 February 2012

Double end ball by Domyos

I hardly buy fitness equipment, basically because I prefer bodyweight training or because I make it myself with no expensive materials.
Just to break this routine, few months ago I bought a double end ball by Domyos (the brand distributed by Decathlon), because I wanted something easy and portable to use also during the cold winters to diversify cardio training. I have a heavybag too, I just wanted something lighter on the shoulders. Plus, double end balls are a lot of fun.
If you don't know what a double end ball is, this video will show you the basics:

Back on the Domyos double end ball (or Double-bungee ball as they call it), I got ot from the local Decathlon store quite cheap (I may be wrong, but it costed 30 euros if I remember well), but the overall quality is good. I've used it quite intensively for 3 months but it's still like new. Elastic bands work well and are very resistant.
It comes with a little pump that has to be used to inflate it. Inflating it is very simple and takes no time.
Fixing it at the wall or at the ceiling is easy too. I just used a nail over a door and a plastic ring. It comes with two carabiners, so you can take it down in no time.
As you can see in the pictures below, the constant clatter of the carabiner against the wall chased a funny bell-shaped hole in the parget:
So if you want to preserve you walls, consider some padding in the area where the carabiner beats the wall.
To block the other end to the pavement, a water tank will do the trick. I used a keyring for easy locking the carabiner, as shown in the picture below:

Double end ball is a very good thing to have also if you are not a martial artist. You can use it to diversify your cardio sessions and it's a great stress reliever.

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