Tuesday, 5 July 2011

When football violence is not on the terraces.

Every fan of Tyler Durden should see this movie:
Florence Fight Club
It's a full movie, free on youtube, italian language with english subtitles.
It's about the Historical Football match, that took place every June in Florence (Italy). It is supposed to be an ancient version of football, dating back to the 16th century. There are very few rules, punching and kicking the opponent players is allowed as long as the punch or the kick are frontal, the ball can be touched with every part of the body. No substitutions are allowed, an injuried player means that a team has a man less playing. So, hitting hard the opposite players is part of the game. Four teams (27 players each team) take part in the tournament, every team represents an area of the city. The event takes place is Piazza Santa Croce, in Florence.
As a vegan I dislike the fact that they use a calf as the prize for the winner, I know it's an allegorical thing, but I don't appreciate it, as I don't appreciate some scenes of the movie, that seem filmed in a meat restaurant.
But the movie itself is worth watching.

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