Thursday, 7 July 2011

Phoebe's nest is empty!

Ok, back with my nestcam addiction.
I've already linked Phoebe the hummingbird's channel, where, till few days ago, you could see her nest and her two babies. Now the babies left the nest, but if you're lucky enough, you can still see them flying around with her mother.
The two videos of the fledge are here and here. I like so much the sound they make with their ultrafast wings.
I'm obviously happy to see everything's going well with Phoebe's family, but in the meantime my nestcam addiction is imposing me to find another nest to watch.
I've just discovered is a Purple-Martin colony that can satisfy my addiction, it has 3 webcams, one over a nest, another one in the other nest and an external one. Have a look! Babybirds seem to go crazy when they see their parents coming with something to eat!
Purplemartins are totally new to me, as they live only in Northern and Central America.

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