Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Phoebe, the internet star!

I really like to watch animals in their habitat, birdwatching is always a great joy for me. Usually I'm too unorganized to do it properly, I just like to walk in the woods with binoculars or eventually a digicam, trying to see birds or eventually take some pictures. Actually, taking pictures is very rare for me, or at least taking decent ones. I should go to the forest at the right time of the day for that, but often it's impossible due to work schedule.

Recently I've discovered the nest-cams, webcams streaming all day from nests. It is really nice to see the little birds growing day after day.
There is a real star in the world of nest cams, her name is Phoebe and she's a hummingbird. Her nest has been broadcasted on the net since 2007!

You can see her channel here.
If you get hooked by nestcam streaming, remember to donate something for their maintenance.

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