Friday, 11 June 2010

Coast no Coast: good luck!

Surfing the net I've found this: Coast No Coast
It's a blog which will document the journey of two guys, they're planning to travel from Vancouver to Mexico on fixed-wheel bikes!
Sounds crazy, but also like a lot of fun! I've tried a few times fixed-wheel bikes, it's a very strange feeling, yuo can go backwards and manouver like in a car, and to slow down and stop, you have to stop the cranks! Can't say if I like the fixed-wheelie feeling or not, I'm just not used to it, anyway it's worth a try (I highly recommend not to go downhill till you are totally familiar with it!).

Anyway, good luck to the Coast No Coast team! They will be on the move from August 1st, I'll follow their journey from their website!

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