Friday, 8 February 2013

Loud Bicycle: not your ordinary bike bell.

We all know how risky it is when cars do not see cyclists or just do not stop where they should: sometimes it looks like bicycles are kind of invisible for car drivers.
When a car driver like also to play loud music while driving, then our chances of being noticed are even lower, as the classic bike bell cannot go through the decibels coming from the car's speakers.
This is the main reason why Jonathan Lansey, an engineer from Boston, invented the "Loud Bicycle" system: basically a car horn that can be conveniently mounted on your bike and gives the same sound of a car honk.
Have a look:

It's true that car drivers tend to stop immediately when they hear someone honking, this is the reason why this system can work wonders.
A big plus, at least for people like me that tend to forget things, is that this horn works on a rechargeable battery, but a single charge will last for one or two months.
The "Loud Bicycle" system will be available in August but at the moment it's possible to preorder it.
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