Saturday, 12 January 2013

Kipsta Baselayer

Usually I don't like to buy technical wear to workout outdoors, during winter I just wear multiple layers of stuff that I progressively pull off as my body temperature increases due to the exercise.
This winter is my first one as a footbiker: footbiking brought some changes in my routines too and required some different strategy.
Kicking uphill requires a bigger effort than cycling, this brings more sweat too. At the end of the climb, you have all the fun of going downhill (going downhill on a footbike is even more fun than on a bike), but at that point you are totally soaked so the descent may become quite uncomfortable if the temperature is low.
I decided to go for some kind of technical shirt to prevent the downhill freezing, and I bought the Kipsta Baselayer longsleeve from Decathlon, this one:

Today I've used for the first time, I have to say that it's way better than expected.
I went out wearing the Kipsta Baselayer and an additional light cotton shirt, it was +7 degrees C with a light wind. After 20 minutes of kicking, I felt I could pull off the additional shirt and continued my workout only with the Kipsta. When I started to go downhill I was considering stopping to put on the extra layer but after some minutes I realized that there was no need. I was feeling warm and (most important) completely dry.

Considering the excellent price (17 euros) I think it's a good deal for anyone working out outdoors during winter.

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