Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Vegan Wednesdays?

I don't know if it's a local thing or if it's going on in all the world, but lately there is a lot of talk about the Vegan Wednesdays campaign.
Ok, I think it's just great to let people familiarize with eating and living Vegan, but I think it has to be consider just a start. Maybe a great start, but it has to be followed by something else: going Vegan 24/7.
There are so many benefits that still I can't understand why there are still so many carnivores around.
Maybe the Vegan Wednesday is the right approach, with people giving it a try and then discovering the good feeling that neo-Vegans know so well.
I remember when I went from Vegetarian to Vegan I was really surprised by the feeling of energy I had.
As a Vegetarian I used to feel somewhat comatose and tired after lunch, when I bumped cheese and eggs out of my diet I didn't get that post-lunch sleepy feeling anymore.
Anyway, if it's useful to the cause, hurray for the Vegan Wednesdays!

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