Thursday, 20 December 2012

The video of the eagle snatching a kid.

I think you already know about this new viral video where an eagle is filmed while trying to snatch a kid.
The video is supposed to be filmed in Montreal Royal Park, and what we see is actually a big bird (ornithologists have examined the video and they are not sure it's an eagle) picking up a kid and flying a few meters with the kid in its talons.
I will not post the video, if you're interested you can easily find it on youtube.
There are many suspects that the video is a fake because of an apparently unrealistic proyection of the shadows.
If it's a hoax, I really can't understand the point of it all.
Animals are already suffering from so many prejudices, what's the point of creating more fear towards them as it may lead to aimless violence?
People have to respect animals and fighting ignorance is the first thing to do for this purpose.

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