Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How to mount lights on a footbike.

When it comes to use a footbike during the long winter nights, mounting a front light is extremely easy, as every light that can be mounted on a bike handlebar will fit perfectly also on the footbike's.
I mounted the B'Twin VI00 Ultra front light.
It's little, inexpensive and the two leds are very bright.
B'Twin VI00 on my Footbike Trail.

For mounting the back light it's necessary to decide a strategy, as there is no saddle and the traditional bike rear lights are usually mounted on the seat post.
There are a few solutions that do the trick, as usual I like simple things so I'll cover just the easiest solutions.
I bought this type of rear lights:

They are sold in pairs (I really can't understand why they sell a couple of rear lights instead of a front light and a rear one) for just 3 euros in most bike stores. Every light has its own little plastic brace, but to mount it simply it's better to use both braces on the same light as shown in the picture above.
Now remove the two rubber tips from the brackets of the mudguard:

And fix the braces to the brackets:

Now put back the rubber tips blocking the braces:

Job done.
Ready for the long winter nights:
Footbike trail with lights.

An alternative solution to have some visibility from behind is to use a light that can be clipped to a belt.
When I ride my bicycle or my footbike I usually wear a fanny pack.
The second rear light of the pair that I bought is now sewed on the back of if:

Easy and functional.

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