Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fatbikes are the future of mountain biking.

Fatbikes are the future of mountain biking, even if in some ways they are a return to the roots of offroad cycling. A relaxed and especially funny way to explore the environment and to keep an active lifestyle with a spirit of adventure.
This is what I thought after watching the official Global Fatbike Day thread on the MTBR forum.
First of all, I am really amazed to see how many different enviroments and places people are exploring using bikes, it's so cool to see the differences between a sunny ride in Australia and a snowy one in Finland, and both are happening on the same day. Obviously it's natural as it's how our Earth works, but watching all those pictures taken in the same time shows it all very clearly.
I don't know who had the idea of the Global Fatbike Day, but I really want to congratulate with her/him.
A really good idea to promote a whole new philosophy of bicycle riding.


John Romeo Alpha said...

If I lived in or was visiting a sandy or snowy place, I would be very into a fat bike. Sinking in and trying to ride is no fun! Fat bike = fun.

seb. said...

Hi John and thanks for stopping by.
Yes, fat bikes are a lot of fun and I like a lot the concept that's beyond them: solid and rigid frame and low-pressure fat tyres opposed to the current trend of ultralight carbon frames and hitech suspensions.