Friday, 2 November 2012

Designer People and Biomega Brooklin.

First of all I have to say that I'm not that much into art and design, so my views on that matter have to be considered partial.
I had to chance to see a TV program called Designer People which main focus was on Jens Martin Skibsted and Biomega, the design firm known for bicycles and bike accessories (I've found the show on Vimeo too, you can watch it here).
I have to admit that I really appreciate Skibsteb's words about bikes and mobility, and some of the models he introduced during the show looked really interesting.
Being tendentially an off-road type of cyclist my attention was caught especially by the Brooklin model, a mixture between a fatbike and a BMX:
Biomega Brooklin

Looks good and a lot of fun, doesn't it?
So I did a research on this nice little thing and I remember why I don't like design-oriented bike manufacturers.
First of all and most important, a leather seat. I mean, I'm a Vegan and an animal right activist so leather for me is a big NO. But even if it wouldn't be for my ethics, who the hell could consider a leather seat for a bike like this? What's the whole point of it?
Secondly, the price. I know that design-stuff costs a lot, but I mean, that's a bmx frame slightly modified to make room for the big wheels. What's the point of selling it for 2500$? Oh, it's not titanium either.
Ok, I know, you pay for the design.
It's okay, but I doubt that there will be a lot of sales and that's not a good thing because a bike like this could become very popular.
Ok, I suppose it's just me, I'm too rude to understand the whole art/design industry.

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