Monday, 12 November 2012

An escaping Cockatoo.

This video is probably one of the best things I've seen on Youtube so far:

The best part is that this clever Cockatoo is not only able to open the door to get out, but he helps his friends too.
This bird is surely very clever and, most important, he is given the chance to try and learn.
But this does not mean that other birds are unable to learn things if they have the chance.
For example, can you imagine something similar happening in factory farms? Battery-caged hens opening the doors and running away, finally free to move and to live their life?
Now that's what I would really like to see. Farming animals are the most abused and exploited living creatures of the planet.
If you want to know something more on the matter my advice is to visit Compassion in World Farming and check the pages about animals.
It's terrible, isn't it?
But there are good news too. Everyone of us has a lot of power to stop all this cruelty. Just stop buying and consuming animal products: no meat, no fish, no eggs, no honey and no milk/cheese.
You will save a lot of lives and there is a positive side effect too: a 100% vegetal diet will make you healthier and stronger!

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