Monday, 8 October 2012

L'Eroica Retro Cycling, a vintage bike race.

Yesterday more than 5000 cyclists took part to the 16th edition of L'Eroica, the vintage bicycle race that takes place on the unpaved roads of Tuscany.
Cyclists can participate only with vintage bikes, these are the rules for bikes:
- only road bikes are admitted, not cyclocross.
- bikes must be built before 1987
- steel frame only
- gearshift levers on the tube of the frame
- pedals with toe clips and fitted straps
- passage of the brake cable outside the handlebars.
The complete regulations can be found here.
This event is known as the Woodstock of biking. The oldest racer was 82 years old, the youngest only 13 years old.
Here's a video (I'm sorry, only italian language) taken from the 2011 edition, have a look even if you don't understand the idiom, it's very good:
This year's edition has been great as the number of cyclists increased, it has been ruined by a very sad occurrence, as a cyclist, Bruno Marzi,  had a heart attack during the race and passed away. Rest in peace.

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