Tuesday, 2 October 2012

In Italy bikes sales surpass cars sales!

It's fresh news, in 2011 in Italy the number of bicycles sales surpass the number of cars' matriculations.
1.750.000 bikes and only 1.748.000 cars. Ok, the difference is not great but it's a good start.
I suppose that the real reason for this economic, with gasoline hitting 2 euros a liter, but at the end it's good news. Italy has a lot of flat territory where there are no excuses not to use a bike.
I'm not a fan of surveys and statistics, but it seems that the 10% of the Italians use a bike to commute, and the 18% for recreational or fitness purpose. Not bad.
I'd like to know the statistics of stolen bikes too, as I can personally attest the steal of three bikes in few months.

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