Monday, 6 August 2012

Usain Bolt, Oscar Pistorius and Valeria Straneo.

Yesterday was a nice day for the running world.
Usain Bolt confirmed to be the fastest man on the planet.
Oscar Pistorius confirmed to be a legend and a sport icon for years to come.
Valeria Straneo, a 36 years old Italian mother, showed the world that a real athlete never gives up.
Her career speaks for herself. Till 2010 she was a teacher and an almost unknown marathon runner.
Then she discovered to suffer form sferocytosis, a genetic disease that causes hemolytic anemia. She had to undergo surgery and have her spleen removed.
When she recovered from the disease, her running career skyrocketed. In April this year at the Rotterdam marathon, she made a wonderful 2:23:44 breaking the Italian record.
Valeria Straneo.
Her 8th place at the London Olympics should be an example for everyone.
Well done Valeria!

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