Saturday, 14 July 2012

Crocs summer diary.

As already written in this post on Crocs shoes, summer is the time of the year when I walk more, and everytime that I plan to have a walk on paved roads, I use Crocs-like shoes.
I decided to keep a little diary on how much time (and kilometers) it takes to worn out a pair of them.
Keep in mind, I always buy offbrands, so probably an original pair of Crocs would last more.
Anyway, yesterday I found that my current pair of Crocs-like shoes were ready for the trashbin:
So today I had my first walk with a new pair:
Now I know it would be more accurate to know the exact number of kilometers that a pair can take, but I don't think I'll go that technical to bring a gps or a pedometer everytime that I go for a walk.
Approximately, when I don't do other workouts, I go for two walks a day, one in the early morning and one when it gets dark, 45-50 minutes each for something more than 5 km. That would be about 10 kilometers a day when I just walk.
I don't remember exactly when I started to use the pair that I just worn out, I think it was about the first week of June. No... ok, it's too messy to try to calculate things this way. I'll start to keep track of my walks with this new pair.

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