Friday, 22 June 2012

SkyRace: underground or mainstream?

In the beloved mountains where I live every summer there are three SkyRace competitions. I like when it happens, I have never taken part as I am not a competitive runner, but I really enjoy the races, especially one  that takes place very near my town in the environment where I'm used to run too.
I was looking if I can find in Youtube some videos about these local SkyRaces, but I didn't find anything.
But I've found this:

A broadcast from Television Canaria about the Transvulcania 2012, the Ultraskyrace that takes place in the Canarian Islands. And it's a very lenghty and well made broadcast too, so I suppose that in Spain Skyraces are very popular.
Round here just the local radio broadcast talks about the Sky Races, and usually all they say is the name of the winner.
From a point of view I appreciate that SkyRaces are considered somthing kinda underground, on the other side maybe it's a type of competition that deserves more attention.

ps: for a more action-packed video on Transvulcania you'd better have a look at this video:

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